Lift Plus Energy Solutions Ltd. is a new oil and gas product and technology company that is focused on improvement.


"The process of making something better"

After considering the many challenges that a producing SAGD well creates; and taking a step back to understand the short comings of existing artificial lift systems; and then taking an inventory of all the resources available and that could be used in order to overcome said challenges……a very unique artificial lift system was born and we call it the LiftPlus System.

As is often the case if a system was developed to overcome the most severe circumstances, it can most assuredly be used in other, less severe applications improving upon production operations in any and all global basins.

That being said, LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd. has successfully deployed its systems in Western Canada SAGD applications and is now planning to expand into West Texas and other more conventional applications within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

The LiftPlus System offers a significant reduction in GHG emission. It is an important technology that makes an impactful contribution to the effort of decarbonizing the oil and gas industry. 

The LiftPlus System is a technology that lessens the environmental impact of oil and gas production and favourably contributes to companies that are adopting an Environment Social Governance (ESG) persona.

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